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Helping our clients become a Charge Point Operator by empowering them with not only the hardware but also the software. You can deliver the best charging experience with the customizable, customer-facing, mobile app for EV drivers and CSMS (Charging Station Management System) dashboard allowing you seamless management.

Important Features

Realtime charger management
Revenue Management
Error and complaint Management System
Effective user management
Regular report and notification Generation
Dynamic Dashboards

Our Clients

Our OCPP platform easily integrates and supports equipment from several international vendors enabling a powerful multi-vendor environment.

Mobile app features

  • AI Driven Discovery with real time charger status

  • Track your total green kilometers driven

  • Route planner and manage RFID cards for charging

  • Payment through UPI, credit card, debit card and all major wallet

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Got questions on White Label Solutions?

  • What does the software solution contain ?

    Statiq Software solution consists of a white labelled mobile application for users to book, start, stop as well as pay for charging sessions which will be customised as per your brand guidelines and a CSMS (Charging Station Management Software) dashboard for monitoring of charging station.

  • How does the payment settlement work?

    Statiq’s CSMS generates regular reports in terms of utilisation at charger and revenue generated and by the 7th of every next month payment settlements are made

  • Are you OCPI compliant?

    Statiq software suite is both OCPP and OCPI compliant

  • What Payment Gateway do you use ?

    We have integrated all major payment gateways with our software solution but in case you have a preferred payment gateway partner we integrate the same with the mobile application

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