Statiq Pillar

Ideal for Quick & Convenient 2/3/4 Wheeler EVs.
A Full Stack Charging solution for your Vehicle. Talk to an Expert

Ideal for Quick & Convenient 2/3/4 Wheeler EVs. A full-stack charging solution for your vehicle.

The Statiq Pillar is an elegant, yet powerful AC charger generating an output of 11 KW! Equipped with a Type-2 and a 3.3kW smart socket connector, makes it ideal for 4 wheeler charging applications. Statiq Pillar’s slender form-factor, and connectivity with the Statiq app make for an ultramodern charging experience, every time!

  • Auto Cut-off
  • IP54 Certified
  • IOT enabled
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • RFID enabled

Why Statiq Pillar is perfect for you ?

For your 2 / 3
and 4 wheelers

Perfect for Office &
residential spaces

Over-the-air software

Easy floor

Efficient charging

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Experience Too

  • Dushyant Tyagi

    Great product,hassle free charging experience using RFID and app

  • Sohum Marwah

    Innovation has no limit,you guys have achieved something great by building this tech.

  • Sanjeev Malhotra

    EV charging in India will be catalysed with such charging solutions.

  • Shreeya

    Well built,the parking sensors in the charger are a cool and handy feature.


Got questions on Statiq Pillar?

  • What all vehicles can I charge on this charger ?

    Statiq Pillar is capable of charging two EVs simultaneously. It has a 7.68kW type 2 gun for charging of Electric 4 wheelers and a 3.3kW smart socket for charging E2W, E3W AND E4Wheeler

  • How long does it take to charge my vehicle ?

    Charging time varies from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, it takes 4-6 hours to charge your 4 wheeler

  • What are the pre requisites for installing a Statiq Pillar and will I have any help ?

    You would require a spare load of 3.3kW and space of 2ft x 2ft for installing a Statiq pillar, moreover you would have support from our installation and commissioning team during the process

  • Where can I install Statiq Pillar ?

    Statiq pillar is an aesthetically pleasing charger and enhances the look and feel of your property, it can be installed anywhere from homes to office spaces to malls, resort and hotels

  • How do I start charging on the pillar ?

    You can use the statiq mobile application or RFID card to remotely start and stop charging as well as monitor the charging status.

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