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Your beast needs a beast for a perfect charging solution

The Statiq DC (CCS) Charger is our FUTURE PROOF powerful DC charger generating an output of 60 KW! Equipped with a CCS2 connector, and intelligent design, Statiq DC Charger ensures the fastest charging for your EV. Join the EV revolution with our CCS DC Charger.

  • Auto Cut-off
  • IP54 Certified
  • IOT enabled
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • RFID enabled

Why Statiq CCS is perfect for you ?

Fast Charging Solution

Perfect for places
requiring high turn-

Future proof

Easy floor mounting

Efficient charging

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  • Dushyant Tyagi

    Had an amazing experience using Statiq charger at JMD! Super fast charging!

  • Sohum Marwah

    The entire charging process was seamless and I had no difficulty whatsoever.

  • Sanjeev Malhotra

    Got instant technical support from Statiq when my car wasn’t charging

  • Shreeya

    Amazing location! Charging at Karnal was smooth less using RFID scanner


Got questions on DC Charger?

  • What all vehicles can I charge on this charger ?

    Statiq canvas is a DC fast charger using which you can charge your 4W EV

  • How long does it take to charge my vehicle ?

    Although charging time varies from vehicle to vehicle, Statiq Canvas being a 60kW fast charger can charge any electric 4 wheeler with 45-60mins

  • Where can I install Statiq Canvas ?

    Statiq Canvas is an aesthetically pleasing charger and enhances the look and feel of your property, it can be installed anywhere from homes to office spaces to malls, resort and hotels and highway outlets.

  • Does Statiq take care of the installation ?

    We have an Installation and commissioning team which will support you with installation and also teach you on how to operate the charger.

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